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10 Home Gym Ideas for inspiration

10 home gym ideas

If you have the space for a home gym in your garage, loft, basement or backyard, and need some home gym inspiration, then keep reading. Many of us choose to workout at home because it is easier or cheaper. Gym memberships can be very expensive and often paying for several pieces of gym equipment several times over.

But, it is enjoyable having your own personal gym at home, just a short distance away. So if you are wanting to make your home gym that little extra special or improve it, we have some inspiration for you.

Utilise the space with clever storage

This clever storage idea is minimal but allows for easy access. The use of bungee cords and pegs is very neat. There is plenty of hooks and areas to stow away towels or gloves which can make all the difference. A mirror and clock, well they are a must these days!

Home gym storage


This peg wall idea is fabulous. Not only can you move things around depending on the configuration, but the design is also pleasing for the eye. Neatly hanging resistance bands is a nice touch. This set up is great for yoga or pilates.

Decor for the gym

Wall graphics are a very inexpensive. Inspirational quotes such as these are very easy to get hold of. They can really make a difference and look professional. If you have brick walls, no problem, give them a lick of paint of hang up wall art – it really helps your focus.


Simple and functional

White walls with black equipment, it is a classic. This room has some serious lifting gear and the clever hanging pieces are a nice touch. It is using the space wisely and is great home gym inspiration for bedrooms or garages.


We love this minimal and rustic idea. The simplicity is all there with nice lighting touches and benches. It shows that you don’t have to spend lots of money.


This home gym has lots of air and space. The wood wall feature gives that modern vibe whilst also making it minimal.


Even small spaces can be made into places of focus. This home gym uses the space in a creative way whilst being functional and making use of the area. However, this will soon be having more equipment for sure.




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