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Best at home exercise equipment [2021]

For many of us, it’s back into Lockdown. Our homes have, once again, become a hub for all things work, life, and exercise.

By now, you might be running low on enthusiasm, rather than actually running!

But what if we told you that you only need a small supply of equipment to keep your routine engaging and challenging without breaking the bank?

In the absence of gyms, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the best pieces of exercise equipment to spice up your home exercise routine.


Amazon balance ball


This is a great way to shake up any worn-down workout whilst improving core balance. Proprioceptive exercise reduces the likelihood of ankle injury and improves mobility and coordination.

Exercise tips: One-sided deficit push-ups target muscles differently and add intensity; also try slow-tempo squats and core exercises.



Whilst the name suggests ‘cardio’, this piece of equipment is hugely versatile and great for building full-body strength. Steppers can ramp up the calorie burn (without the high impact) and also help to improve balance.

Exercise tips: Add into cardio days or try adding single-sided movements, such as pistol squats or deficit push-ups.



Skipping- the ultimate calorie burn, but it doesn’t end there.

Jumping rope also improves coordination and is an endlessly creative full-body workout.

If you’re a seasoned skipper, weighted ropes can also help to build strength.


Exercise tips: Try different jumping techniques and add bodyweight exercises to mix it up.



 And no, we don’t mean the shoes!

Sliders are often overlooked in the world of fitness but can be extremely useful. They’re small and easy to store too.


Exercise tips: Hamstring curls, mountain climbers, and single-sided exercises that challenge stability- such as lateral lunges or archer push-ups.




Whilst we all miss feeling like a kid in a sweet shop when presented with the weights rack at the gym, you can build an effective home gym with only a small dumbbell selection. Buying dumbbells doesn’t have to break the bank either and adds plenty of challenge.


Exercise tip: Favour compound movements to achieve a full-body workout.

Work smart! Play around with tempo or work with increased rep-ranges and different planes of movement.



It’s safe to say we’ve gotten creative after nearly a year of gym closures, with many a backpack filled with household items on zoom.

But have you tried resistance bands?

They’re cheap and lightweight, with a variety of resistance levels to choose from without adding undue stress to your joints.

Resistance bands are a smart replacement for dumbbells and can be attached to pull-up bars and door handles or used under-foot. They’re also useful for mobility, stretching, and rehabilitation. Win-win!

Exercise tips: Lateral raises, reverse flies, frontal raises, rows, and pull-ups.

Home gyms don’t have to be boring; try adding a few of these to your routine and getting creative with your exercise.


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