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Best Treadmills for overweight runners in 2021

Heavy overweight treadmills

Being an overweight runner, the best treadmills can come down to only a few things to consider. Running on a treadmill has proven to be very popular. The ease of use, cost effectiveness and availability to use, are plus points. If you are overweight however and are using a treadmill to lose weight, then there are plenty of options.

Running is a very good way of losing weight. If you have space for a treadmill then it only takes 20 minutes to have an effective workout on a treadmill. 

Of course, you will have a budget, but it is important to remember that most treadmills are designed for more moderate weights. This is simply because of the build quality. The more that goes into the structure, the more expensive it will become. Commercial treadmills for instance are designed to last a long time, be serviceable and withstand long use.

If you are an overweight runner and beyond the weight restriction of most treadmills, don’t worry, there are ones for you. You might not have the choice of folding ones so much, but there are options.

What should you consider when purchasing a treadmill for overweight runners?

Features that you will actually use. Some of these treadmills come with many different options to track your progress. Some of them you might not use, so it is worth checking the features and benefits of each one.

Build quality

Treadmills for overweight runners need to be a stronger build quality. The heavier you are, the more likely the structure of the treadmill will need to be stronger to hold the weight. If you plan on using the treadmill every day, then there is going to be more pressure. However, the more you use it with a controlled diet, you will soon lose weight.


Weight limit

The most important factor in choosing treadmills for overweight runners is the weight capacity of the treadmill. This can be found on the description. Although this is the maximum, you could argue that it can hold a couple of kg’s more. 

Sportstech F10 treadmill model 2020

Top speed of 10 km/h. This does not have as many features but at this price point, it is a good choice for overweight runners as it is suitable for users up to 120kg/19 Stone/264lbs.

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JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

This treadmill has a limit of 120kg/19 Stone/264lbs. This is more a commercial grade treadmill with a durable build quality that you would expect in gyms. The speeds ranges from 0.3 km/h to 16 km/h; Incline ranges from 0 to 20 levels.

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