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Dripex Upright Exercise Bike – Review 2021

Dripex exercise bike

Exercise bikes are a popular way of getting exercise without getting wet or cold. They are a perfect mix of getting a workout from the comfort of your home with little setup. The Dripex Upright Exercise Bike is a bike that has proven to be very popular during the lockdown.

Choosing one comes down to several factors and this Dripex Upright Exercise Bike is a pretty popular choice for a range of fitness levels.


What do you get?

Dripex Upright Exercise Bike has several great features you would expect from an exercise bike. Firstly, it has a heavy bidirectional flywheel which allows for various tension levels that can be tailored to your chosen workout. All important for burning those calories.

  • The LCD display and hand pulse will track real time your speed and distance. Not only that but it can also track your pulse through the hand which can help see just how well you are doing.
  • The saddle is pretty comfortable and the handlebars have various positions allowing for a comfortable workout. The anti-slip pedals are also safe enough for serious power throughs.
  • The quietness of the bike is a bonus and with the strong design, the overall look and feel gives a sense of quality that will be very handy when doing a serious workout.

One things about this bike is the fact that it is very quiet, especially good if you are working out at night. The Dripex belt drive system is very smooth and feels much better than other types in the same category. Whilst some can feel jerky or need lubrication, the clever design does not need that. The robust feel of the bike is a real plus point.

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