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Nutribuddy Breakfast Review

Nutribuddy breakfast review

Nutribuddy Breakfast review

Nutribuddy shakes are championed as vegan, no frills, gluten free choices for this wanting to be healthy. The slick branding, simple packaging and quick delivery made the whole purchasing a pleasant experience.

If that is not enough to wet your appetite, then they have a range of flavors that will tempt you in. Choose from Chocolate, Strawberry, Naked and Vanilla in either crunchy or smooth. Not being one for jumping in feet first, so I opted for a Vanilla Crunch.

What might ring true with customers is the natural calibre of the nutribuddy range. They pride themselves on their credentials for simple and gluten free, something many others can’t.

nutribuddy review

Upon mixing it, it has the oats resemblance, making it a charming and satisfying shake routine, something that was an enjoyable part of the morning. Once you follow the instructions, the shake is delicious to gulp down with fresh milk.

The taste

Overall the taste was very light, not overpowering as you might expect. The low fat and high protein shake was an instant success. I felt full for the most part of the morning only to have a banana during the morning along with a juice. In my bottle, I managed one scoop of my cup and 350ml of milk, making it a hearty portion for me.

Over the next week or so I felt full for longer. That was a good sign and the formula soon ran out which was a shame. A the price point however, I don’t think it is sustainable to do every month.


nutri buddy review



There are a range of accessories that you can purchase, though not always needed, such as the scoop and bottle. But if you don’t have the budget, Amazon does a nice range too.

Overall, we enjoyed it, very tasty. The price point was in and around other similar products, but pretty good.

Not tried it yet? Go check them out:

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