Dumbbell home workout


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dumbbell home workout ebook

Start your own workout at home with dumbbells

As we work longer hours and time being a premium, now has never been a better time to exercise at home. Trying to exercise at home can often have its difficulties with space and storage. We often buy fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills and benches but in reality they can be something that you work up to. Using dumbbells however is one if the best tools for getting fit at home. Being relatively inexpensive, easy to store and maintain, they are also very versatile.

An ebook for beginner workouts

The ebooks is professionally designed and illustrated, giving you clear instructions and guidance as you progress through the sets. You can choose your own amount reps, but we have advised ones for you. The workout should take around 10 minutes and will give you a modest workout that you can repeat each day or week. Gradually increase the weights or reps to really start the burn.
Our dumbbell home workout ebook is designed to be taken at your own pace, whether you want a quick workout before work or something gentle. Each set works a different muscle group and depending on your dumbbell choice, can really get the blood flowing and muscles pumping. The aim with the ebook is to get you moving in a way that works at home and at your own pace, so as it is FREE, now is your chance!
ebook for dumbbells